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The Detection and Positioning System (DPS) is used for testing and qualification of unmanned underwater platforms cruising at high speed (>40kts).With this system, the unmanned underwater platforms can be monitored from the command and control centre in real-time and in three-axis with high positional accuracy of down to one meter. The underwater behaviour of the platforms can be analysed for testing and qualification purposes.

The DPS can be described as an underwater GPS (Global Positioning System) of sorts. Drawing upon data from smart buoys placed in the underwater test area, the DPS precisely determines the positions of underwater platforms in the area and monitors them in real-time.  As such, it also functions as an “underwater platform tracking system”.

The precise monitoring of the position of platforms that can move underwater at high speeds is achieved by placing a pinger system on the platform that emit reference acoustic signals. The buoys sense the reference acoustic pulse signal transmitted periodically by the pinger on the underwater platform. Using a wireless connection, the detection time and the precise D-GPS location information of the buoy are transmitted to the Monitoring Station. The position of the underwater platform can be detected precisely through the simultaneous processing of the pinger detection data transmitted by the buoys to the monitoring station. Platforms are monitored through the continuous updating of their locational information.


Additionaly, using the long distance positioning unit, system can track floating platforms in real-time as well.

4 Platforms

The DPS can establish a test area covering up to 120 sq. km in which underwater platforms can be monitored with high precision. In a test area of this size, the system can simultaneously monitor four underwater test platforms synchronously (synchronising the position of the underwater platform with GPS time) or asynchronously, with an accuracy of 1 meter. At full charge, the buoys can operate for days, even under high sea state conditions.


The DPS has been used in new product development projects and has proven itself in the field. It offers a reliable solution for the testing and calibration needs of the end-user.

KoçSavunma also Supplies Pingers

For the high reliability and precision of the DPS to be assured, specially designed pinger systems need to be placed on the underwater platforms to be monitored. KoçSavunma designs and manufactures such special pinger systems to be installed on the platform to be monitored with the DPS. Furthermore, the integration of the pinger system with the platform can also be performed by KoçSavunma.

Suitable for Different Infrastructures and Different Needs

The DPS can communicate via GSM or RF wireless networks, depending on the characteristics of the test area. It can serve as a turn-key solution after a short period of adaptation according to needs.

Cost-Effective Solution
Support throughout the Entire Lifecycle

Featuring technical characteristics that can compete with any system on the international market, the DPS is a cost effective solution.


The DPS can be delivered as a turn-key solution or as a service, in which both maintenance and sustainment of the system are carried out by KoçSavunma.


Developed according to an Integrated Logistics Support Plan prepared to this end, the DPS comes with an integrated logistics support package that includes training, maintenance, and repair documents. The impacts of the failure modes and effects, criticality, reliability, and functional error analyses of the DPS were completed at earlier stages of the development process, and the design has been optimised based on the analysis results.

Technical Characteristics

Test Area 120 km2
X and Y Axes and Depth Positioning Accuracy <1m (RTK Solution)
Positioning Method Synchronous and Asynchronous with GPS
Number of buoys between 5–20
Pinger Frequency 8–15 kHz (adjustable to different frequencies)
Maximum Duration at Sea on a Single Charge 4 Days
RF Wireless Communication Range 20 km
Number of Underwater Platforms Simultaneously Monitored 4

KoçSavunma’s Superior Capabilities that Places
Measurement and Positioning System
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