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From Virtual Environment to

Effective Field Solutions

KoçSavunma develops both modelling and simulation products, and channels all of its modelling and simulation capabilities into its product development processes.


KoçSavunma uses modelling and simulation: to shorten the design time in product development processes; identify more effective solutions; increase performance in the field by determining usage scenarios and reduce the lifecycle costs of products.


KoçSavunma’s products that make use of the company’s modelling and simulation capabilities are currently in use with various end-users. KoçSavunma boasts over 10 years of experience in this field.

Globally Competitive


KoçSavunma currently develops its own algorithms for modelling and simulation, and monitors the most recent developments in the world, without depending on outside sources. KoçSavunma uses ray-trace modelling, sonar technologies, and bathymetric/oceanographic modelling in its works in this field.