KoçSavunma’s Pinger offers a reliable positioning solution for divers, submarines, unmanned underwater vehicles, and mission recorder devices. The pinger emits acoustic pings at specified frequencies and regular intervals, or in response to another signal. By listening to the ping signal, other surface or underwater elements can locate the element to which the pinger is affixed.

Wide Range of Capabilities

KoçSavunma offers pingers customised with a range of capabilities to suit end-user preferences:


  • Fixed or programmable ping characteristics
  • Operation in pinger or transponder mode
  • Transmitting CW, FM, or encoded pings
  • Operation at different depth levels
  • Transducer design according to acoustic power, frequency, coverage, and compressive strength
  • Running on an autonomous battery (rechargeable or non-rechargeable long-endurance battery)
  • Automatic activation
  • Depth notification
  • Can be synchronised with a reference clock source, such as GPS, and with precise ping timing
  • Compliance with military-grade standards (MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-810)

KoçSavunma can design pinger devices in accordance with different form factors, depending on the needs of the user. KoçSavunma offers continuous support to the procuring party and end-user during the integration process.


Pinger devices are used in various products of KoçSavunma and have recorded significant success in the field.

Technical Characteristics

Frequency Range: 5 kHz–45 kHz

Source Level: 160–190 dB re µPa/1 m

Operation Depth Range: 1m–700m (tested); up to 6,000 meters (design)

Battery Type: Rechargeable or long standby non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

Battery-based Runtime: From hours up to months, depending on the need.

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