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Testing Infrastructure

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Competent Testing Capabilities

for the Timely Delivery of Verified Products

KoçSavunma’s carries out its testing works with the understanding that one of the key factors supporting the on-time delivery of verified products is a competent testing capability. KoçSavunma has the necessary infrastructure for the carrying out of critical tests in-house and employs appropriate personnel and procedures for the effective use of this infrastructure. Thanks to these capabilities, KoçSavunma can quickly meet any testing needs that may arise during the development process, and complete projects in accordance with the delivery schedule.


KoçSavunma performs field/sea tests with Echorium Testing Sea Vessel.

KoçSavunma can test the hardware it designs and manufactures to such military standards as MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461. KoçSavunma’s testing infrastructure includes the following devices and systems:


  • Pressurised test tank
  • Acoustic test tank with precise positioning
  • Air conditioning cabinet for temperature and humidity tests
  • 9-meter pontoon boat for sea testing
  • 8x4x4-meter test pool for detailed acoustic tests

Technical Characteristics of the Pressurised Test Tank

Operating Pressure: 50 bar

Testing Pressure: 75 bar

Inner Diameter of Tank: Ø1,000x1,000 mm

Pressure sensitivity: 0.1 bar

PLC control (automatic pressure-time changes)

1 ton-capacity crane for heavier items

Under pressure operation testing with suitable connectors

Technical Characteristics of the Acoustic Test Pool

Active and passive acoustic signal measurements at frequencies above 12 kHz

Polypropylene material

Sizes: 2,000x1,500x1,500 mm (width x length x height)

1 ton-capacity crane for heavier items

KoçSavunma also makes use of an 8x4x4 meter test pool in Maşukiye / Kocaeli for detailed acoustic tests.

Technical Characteristics of the Air Conditioning Cabinet

Usable volume: 290 l

Easy-clean stainless-steel cell

Operating Temperature Range: -40°C / +150°C

Humidity operation range: 15% Rh / 98% Rh (between 10°C to 90°C)