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Where KoçSavunma is located?

Since 2006, KoçSavunma has been based in the METU Technopolis in Ankara. The administrative headquarters, however, is in the Çamlıca Business Center in Istanbul.

What are KoçSavunma’s fields of activity?

KoçSavunma is a fully national capital company that develops R&D-based domestic products for naval platforms in the field of electronic systems, especially in underwater acoustics. The company engages in the design of underwater systems, acoustic signal processing, underwater environment modelling, and acoustic detection, identification, and classification. The company is engaged in studies focused on electronic system design, embedded software applications, data fusion, mechanical product design, and modelling and simulation.

Where can I find information about the products and services provided by KoçSavunma?

Information about KoçSavunma’s entire product range can be found on company website. KoçSavunma also participates in various defence expos organised in Turkey, where it communicates directly with visitors to its stands. For detailed information please send an email to

How can I apply for a position with KoçSavunma?

All announcements concerning open positions at KoçSavunma are published at Please refer to to apply for any position of interest.

How can I apply for an internship with KoçSavunma?

In Koç Holding, internship applications are processed between February and April each year. The Level Up internship Programme is only for 3rd and 4th-grade college students. Comapny’s internship application announcements are published on Peoplise. The application link will be announced when the announcement is published.