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in the Field

KoçSavunma carries out field operations both for the testing of its products and for the provision of support to delivered products. If KoçSavunma assumes the operation of products, such as its Measurement and Positioning System and Offshore & Inshore Weapon Scoring System, all field operations of these systems are executed by the company.


Test Execution

The experience of KoçSavunma’s teams ensures the most effective planning, preparation, execution, and evaluation of field tests. Accordingly, field tests can be completed in the shortest possible time without risk to safety, and test targets achieved in full, thus avoiding a repetition of tests.

Hard Conditions in the Field Not an Obstacle

In particular, the development and validation of underwater acoustic systems processes, as well as their operation after being introduced to the inventory, requires a field presence. Conditions on both the surface and underwater can make these works rather harsh. Worsening sea states due to weather are the most notable challenges on the surface. Furthermore, longer working times may involve longer periods working at sea. The different acoustics experienced at different depths is the most notable underwater challenge.


The KoçSavunma team boasts significant experience in the field and is familiar with field operations.