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The Sonar Beacon System is one of the most critical systems that a submarine will need in the event of an accident or incident. Sonar Beacon System, developed by KoçSavunma, activates and serves as an emergency pinger by emitting sonar signals in the event of an emergency. These signals convey the precise location of the submarine to ships and rescue units in the area.

Different Frequencies
for Long-Range Detection and Precise Positioning

The Sonar Beacon System can operate automatically or manually at both low (9 kHz) and high frequency (37.5 kHz). Low-frequency transmissions allow for the detection of the submarine at long range, while high-frequency transmissions permit the precise positioning of the submarine at closer ranges.

Independent Power
with Embedded Battery

Powered by its own battery, the Sonar Beacon System operates independently of the submarine’s power system. If the system is not operated, the battery will not need a replacement for 5 years.


The Sonar Beacon System is configurable to the needs of the submarine and the demands of the user.

Technical Characteristics

Automatic activation by water

Manual activation by the operator

Operation at incident depth and under torpedo shock

Compatibility with STANAG 1298 & STANAG 1382

Sonar signal transmission at a frequency of 9 kHz and 37.5 kHz, or simultaneously at both frequencies.

Over 850 hours of operation while transmitting at both frequencies.

Ability to monitor the transmission frequency/frequencies on the display.

Built-In-Test (BIT) for the batteries and the system operability

5 years maintenance-free battery (depending on usage)

A military-grade design offering high reliability.

KoçSavunma’s Superior Capabilities that Places
Sonar Beacon System
Ahead of the Competition