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The Message and Document Distribution System-2 (MDDS-2) has been designed as a joint messaging system and is currently in use by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). The system allows all users included in the system to rapidly and securely send and receive a wide range of documents. The system also allows the coordination and archiving of the communication.

High Security

MDDS-2 is a solution designed for headquarter use with a public key infrastructure that enables the signing and encryption of messages among the users. The system can be managed from a single centre. The system’s architecture and design can detect and prevent:

  • Malicious information sharing and file exchanges that may threaten information security
  • Unauthorised access to the network and information
  • Security policy breaches
  • Attacks (computer-based, or viruses, trojans, etc.)

throughout operation.

Customised Solutions

KoçSavunma can re-run system analyses and design activities to offer customised solutions and to adapt MDDS to the needs of the end-user.  After adaptation, KoçSavunma carries out the necessary system installation and integration, as well as tests and trials. KoçSavunma establishes and integrates operator and end-user training centres where it provides operator and end-user training.

Technical Characteristics

Signed and encrypted e-mail services.

Client software with military messaging and document distribution functions

X.509-based public key infrastructure

ACP133/X.500 array service

Central anti-virus and computer-based attack detection systems

Network safety

Centralised system management and supervision

National event diary collection and query system

Backup and recovery service

Content management service

Integration with document management systems

Message exchange with ACP127/Floating elements

Integration with MEFORS (formatted message)

KoçSavunma’s Superior Capabilities that Places
Message and Document Distribution System
Ahead of the Competition