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Production Capabilities in

Support of Development and Testing

KoçSavunma manufactures prototypes of all the products it develops. This ensures KoçSavunma has the production flexibility required for the development processes and also prevents delays in the project schedule that may result from quality or delivery problems experienced during production.


After the creation of a prototype, high-volume serial production activities are carried out by subcontractors with whom KoçSavunma has established long-term commercial relations based on mutual trust. To this end, KoçSavunma works with approved Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with the necessary production infrastructure for production for the defence sector.

Military Grade


KoçSavunma has the necessary infrastructure for production to military standards and can verify that its outputs satisfy such standards. A certain proportion of these products are designed to operate for long periods in harsh environments, such as at sea.


KoçSavunma’s production and integration infrastructure is established on an indoor area of approximately 500 sq. meters, housing the necessary capabilities and infrastructures for printed circuit design, product assembly, and electronic measurement and testing works. The company possesses a CNC machine that is used for prototype production.


Technical Characteristics of CNC Machine


  • Processing Area: 500 mm width x 500 mm length x 120 mm height
  • Prototype electronic card printing capability
  • 4-axis control